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Propel your brand

made simple
& relatable

Fuel offers a one-stop solution for your startup’s branding and marketing needs. Bring your services to market faster with Fuel as your brand propellant.


Launch your brand in a week with a custom brand kit for all your marketing needs.


Branding packages to break through to your audience without breaking the bank.


Help yourself to design templates using familiar tools like Microsoft, Canva, Google.

The Problem

Getting your message to your audience often involves unnecessary detours and pit stops along the way like:

  • Protracted back and forths
  • Hidden costs
  • Being dependent on a design agency for simple follow-up designs

Our Solution

We help fuel your outreach by getting you to your brand goal faster through:

  • Pre-designed brand kits customised to your needs
  • Bundled packages with itemised options
  • Design templates for you to use for future projects

    brand packages

    Bank on us for cost effective branding. Less fees, more feeds.

    * All prices in Singapore dollars

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